Meet Adrienne

Hi! Meet Adrienne Klein, a dedicated public servant, mom and part of an immigrant family.

Adrienne believes in a Cambridge with opportunities for everyone. She believes in a Cambridge where locally owned businesses thrive and flourish. A Cambridge where every resident has a voice in their government. A Cambridge that protects the environment for future generations. A Cambridge that strives to be both fair and just, and isn't afraid of change.

A vote for Adrienne is a vote for a future we can all be proud of - a future we make together. Vote Adrienne!

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An image of Adrienne and her husband on their wedding day in Cambridge

CARES: Building Bridges for
a Brighter Cambridge

Adrienne Klein is a proud mother to a now-thriving toddler who survived open heart surgery at just three weeks old. Adrienne is a supportive wife to an entrepreneurial chef from Argentina who is working hard to establish a local business while navigating the immigration process, adapting to a new language and culture. Adrienne is a devoted daughter caring for aging parents, helping them navigate the reality of her mother’s worsening Parkinson’s Disease. Adrienne is also the sole breadwinner for her family. Just like many residents in Cambridge, Adrienne works hard to support her family through these complex challenges.

Yet these personal challenges have only fueled Adrienne’s passion to ensure that Cambridge becomes a city that champions equal access to resources for all its residents. Adrienne stands up for her family every day – and she will stand up for you as a member of the City Council.

A picture of Adrienne in personal protective equipment volunteering to help during COVID

ACTION: From Local Roots
to Global Impact

Adrienne Klein has more than a decade of experience addressing public issues nationally and globally – and being on the frontlines while doing so. Adrienne spent the past three years serving Cambridge residents as the Director of Constituent Services for the Mayor. At the height of the pandemic, Adrienne was a key member of the NYC Medical Reserve Corps and a public health advisor for New York City Health and Hospitals, the largest municipal health care system in the US. She has trained government officials on public health, human rights and advised on responses to violence in such diverse locations as Sri Lanka, Nigeria, El Salvador, and Sweden. Adrienne has also provided her expertise and skills to the community through her work for local organizations including Project Bread, Enroot,and the College Success Initiative. Adrienne's demonstrated commitment to crisis management and the well-being of others is a testament to the impactful leadership she will continue to bring to Cambridge.

Join Adrienne

Her election to City Council will bring positive change and greater inclusivity to our City.

Adrienne is fluent in Spanish.